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SoCal Series #2 - A Poinsettia Poem

Updated: May 18, 2023

RS Tera Poinsettia Regatta Oceanside Yacht Club December 2022

Click here for regatta photos by Tim Zimmerman

RS Teras ahead of the curve Seeing Sabots begin to swerve

Poinsettia Regatta was for Sabots RS Teras are now our habits

After OYC posted an N. O. R. ClubSpot showed who they are

Skippers came from near and far Pulling trailers behind their car

Oceanside Yacht Club was the host Dana West brought the most

Alamitos Bay, Santa Monica Windjammers, too Juniors will learn what they can do

Marks were set with a leeward gate Skippers at ready, none were late

Ed, Patty, and Bob did take Upon the cruiser, Irish Wake

Shifty winds moved mark set guys Tyler, Jordan, Steve with Tim Z’s sharp eyes

Postpone flag unfurled, raised from the cart Calm winds at noon, delayed the start

Push the button, start the horn Orange and white sails, the line adorn

Skippers 20, fill the start Deft with tiller, show they’re smart

First race away, the lead he took Xyler Yee, now in the book

Race 2 featured a marked event A confident protest is how it went

Tactically beat, a skipper laments “Rotten potato” is how he vents

Savvy on rules, “Protest” she sounds Race committee listens as she rounds

True to form, winds did die Luck for all, race 5 was nigh

Racing now over, scores set on hold Pending her protest, kids’ truth be told

Protest committee heard and called Testimony conflicted and enthralled

Decision made, misconduct indeed Corinthian spirit our guiding creed

Pizza now finished, the bell was rung Regardless of place, all names were sung

From first to fifth, these names don’t rhyme But here’s to knowing they had a good time:

Xyler Yee,

Megan Farmer,

Bailey Di Palma,

Delany Ernest, and

Aedan Kerepeszki Johnson

Oh Donna, a thank you, trophies prepared Memories for kids, forever shared

Boats secured with a Poinsettia too Skippers look forward, more sailing to do

Ron D


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