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2023 RS Tera & Feva Pacific Coast Championships

St. Francis Yacht Club hosted the first ever RS Tera & Feva Pacific Coast Championships on July 22nd and 23rd after a pre-regatta clinic put on by Noah McCarthy from Ireland and 2018 Feva world champion Ben Hutton-Penman. 8 races were held over 2 days in typical July San Francisco conditions with plenty of breeze and current. 18 Tera Sailors and 7 Feva teams from 8 different clubs participated on both Pro and Sport rigs. StFYC put on a spectacular event! Staff Commodore Kimball Livingston posted some phenomenal photos.

Racing Area in the 'cove' between between wave organ and Fort Mason. Spectating from Marina Green

Pre regatta clinic Hosted by St. Francis Sailing Foundation. 2018 Feva World Champion Ben Hutton-Penman

Good breeze, chop and lots of current

Close racing between Pro and Sport fleets. Mixing things up with Fevas

Congratulations to the the 6 Tera sailors making the Podium!

RS Tera Pro

  • 🥇Bea Littler - Sausalito Yacht Club

  • 🥈Keira Faye - Sausalito Yacht Club

  • 🥉Vanessa Mellinger - St Francis Yacht Club

RS Tera Sport

  • 🥇Nate Colbert - Park City Sailing Association

  • 🥈Aedan Kerepeszki Johnson - Oceanside Yacht Club

  • 🥉Feren Johnson - Park City Sailing Association

RS Feva

  • 🥇Rhett Krawitt/Julian Levash - San Francisco Yacht Club

  • 🥈Lyuba Ngongoseke/Nyanza Ngongoseke - Tiburon Yacht Club/StFYC

  • 🥉John Groff/Avery Mazurkiewicz - Richmond Yacht Club


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